Unique Handcrafted Paper Flowers


About KhakiGami

All blooms are handcrafted, each petal gets hand cut and shaped using the highest quality crepe paper - typically Italian. To capture the right tone or effect, watercolour and oil pastels will be used. Real flowers are beautiful, but eventually they will wilt and die, paper flowers last forever. These low maintenance paper flowers are excellent for allergy-sufferers and safe around pets in your home. KhakiGami make one-of-a-kind keepsakes that are a unique way to remember special life events.

KhakiGami also creates beautiful 3D origami models. All models are made out of folded triangles. Each triangle is hand cut and folded then connected together to create a beautiful figure. 


About Me


Hello, I'm Ka Kei, the artist behind KhakiGami. I started making paper flowers in 2017 when a friend asked me if I could create something different for her wedding. I accepted the challenge and created beautiful bouquets, buttonholes and table decorations. Take a peek at my blog for some pictures! I guess my love for making paper flowers started then. I make flowers and bouquets that can last for many many years. It makes me smile that I can create these lasting blooms to help people celebrate and remember their special events. If your favourite bloom is not on this site, please contact me to let me know as I love a new challenge.

Origami is where I really started with paper. From making paper cranes, lucky stars, hearts and butterflies. After researching and looking for a new challenge, I discovered 3D origami. After much practice I started to produce beautiful models. I was delighted to be asked to create a 3D elephant for a paper anniversary gift. "You know how you're good with paper? Can you create a 1st wedding anniversary gift?" "Of course" I said! And that is how KhakiGami launched.

Enjoy the website and my social media pages. Please get in touch if you have any questions or just want to say hello!


"Forever Flowers"

"Tailored to you"


"A bridesmaid bouquet I can keep forever! Amazing and beautiful, better than real flowers!"

Still think this is one of my favourite

Paper Anniversary Gift

"Thanks so much for making the most fabulous Nelly. You pulled it right out the (paper) bag again!!"


"Well what can I say about my talented sister, she creates the most amazing paper flowers which look so real!! When I was planning my wedding flowers I know I didn't want real flowers as they die so quickly. All of the flowers she created were tailored to me. She has now created a beautiful flower wall using the table decorations which I can hang up in my home, a lovely reminder of my special day. If you are looking for your forever flowers, I highly recommend KhakiGami.


"I got my absolutely stunning bouquet of 6 large lilies made out of maps from the truly amazing KhakiGami"