Product Information

All items are made to order. Please note that all items may vary since they are handmade. I will try my best to replicate the pieces as close as I can. Colours may look slightly different depending on screen and lighting. If you would like a specific colour, please contact me and I will be happy to send you a colour swatch sample.


Flower Care


Paper flowers are sensitive to water and moisture. Take extra care to keep your flowers away from water sources or places of high humidity. When using paper flowers for an outdoor event, be aware of the weather and plan accordingly. Keep your flowers away from open flames.


If you've been using paper flowers as decoration in your home, you may need to dust them from time to time. Simply tip your flower upside down and give it a gentle shake.

Sunlight & Fading

If paper flowers are left in direct sunlight, they will fade over time. I would suggest keeping your flowers away from windows where sunlight would shine on your flowers.


Delivery & Returns

Free delivery for orders made only in the Isle of Man. All items are made to order and usually take up to 1 week to complete. However I will contact you when I receive your order. I do not accept any returns or exchanges. However, your satisfaction is very important to me, so if there is a problem, please contact me with any questions.